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Chapter 1: Obfuscation
Avoiding the Search for Life on Mars [SAMPLE]
Curiosity: The Mars Science Laboratory… Not Curious Enough?
Curiosity Will Confirm There is Life on Mars
Get a Webcam to Mars!
Geologists Dominate Mars Exploration
The Face on Mars [SAMPLE]
The Brookings Report [SAMPLE]
Is There a Martian Conspiracy?

Chapter 2: Water on Mars
Did Mars Develop Complex Life?
NASA Avoids Finding Water
Liquid Water on Mars [SAMPLE]
Are There Lakes of Water on Mars?

The Curious Case of Planetary Protection [SAMPLE]

Will Astronauts Land on Mars Before life is Found?
Chapter 3: Signs of Life on Mars
Do Martian Trees Exist? [SAMPLE]
Are NASA Images Being Sanitized?
Martian Vegetation and Plant Life
Martian Fossil Evidence [SAMPLE]
Martian Artefact or Biological Life Evidence/ [SAMPLE]
Evidence of Life on Mars: Real or Fantasy?

Chapter 4: Signs of Civilization on Mars
Artificial Objects at Gusev Crater (Spirit) [SAMPLE]

Artificial Objects at Gale Crater (Curiosity) [SAMPLE]

Martian Technology, Human Spacecraft Debris or Geology?
Large Scale Artificial Martian Constructions
What Happened to the Martians?
Where Did the Martians Go?
Where Did the Martians Live?
Satellite Archaeology on Mars
Geometry in Martian Archaeology
How Advanced was Martian Civilization?

Chapter 4: Signs of Civilization on Mars (Cont...)
Artificial Objects at Cydonia
Cydonia Object A: The "Face" on Mars
Other Possible Artificial Structures at Cydonia
Cydonia Object B: The "Fort"
Cydonia Object C: ‘The "Five" [SAMPLE]
Cydonia Object D: The "D & M Pyramid"
Cydonia Object E: "Hexagon"
Cydonia Object F: ‘The "H" Structure
Summary of Evidence: Signs of Civilization on Mars
NASA Website to Explain Anomalous Objects
When Did Mars Have a Breathable Atmosphere?

Chapter 5: The Alien Connection
Colonization of Habitable Worlds
Science and Extraterrestrial Visitation
Phobos: Martian Moon or Artificial Satellite? [SAMPLE]
Do Space Missions Get Sabotaged?
Ancient Intelligent Life in the Solar System
The Mystery Moon of Iapetus
Our Secret Moon
NASA Falsifies Official Moon Images
A Secret Base on the Moon

Artificial Objects on the Moon [SAMPLE]
The Extraterrestrial Reality: Time for Disclosure
Astronauts and UFO [SAMPLE]
Do Covert Agencies Control Alien and UFO Affairs [SAMPLE]

Chapter 6: Conclusion
Final Thoughts
In Summary

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