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 An occasional publication featuring Mars research by author M. J. Craig

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  April 2021 Issue

  • Perseverance: Will Nasa Discover Life on Mars With their New Rover? 

  • How I Build the Mars Archaeology Archive

  • New Mars Archaeology Reports:

#MIA 46 - "Container with Handle"


#47 "Hollowed Building Block"

  • New Book: "Memories of Mars"     An excerpt from the book, reveals remote viewer Ingo Swann describing an ancient structure similar to an electric pylon, that he sensed on Mars.



  May-June 2021 Issue

  • Do Little Humanoid Beings Live on Mars? Part 1: The Claims of Andrew Basiago

  • New Mars Archaeology Reports:

#MIA048 - "Serrated Mechanism"

 #EXP001 - "The Jug" (Explained)





  • New Book: "Memories of Mars"     An excerpt from the book, reveals General Stubblebine, who headed Project Stargate, making a stunning comment to an audience about the existence of machinery on Mars.




  Summer 2021 Issue

  • China's Tianwen-1 Mission: Have the Chinese Provoked NASA by Suggesting Ancient Buildings Exist on Mars?

  • Martian 'Archaeology' or 'Geology'?: How to Identify a Potential Artefact in a Mars Rover image