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Why is no ARCHAEOLOGY being done on the PLANET MARS?

of both understanding our own human origins, and the extent of intelligent life throughout the cosmos - our national space agencies here on Planet Earth, expend absolutely ZERO scientific resources into exploring the possibility that the Planet Mars may once have been host  to a civilization.

The Mars rovers could become field archaeologists and examine the many artificial-looking objects on its path. The Mars orbiters could also study the larger more geometrical structures in much more detail.

All that's required is a decision to do it. And some courage.

M. J. Craig - Author of "Secret Mars"

There are many strange and mysterious objects and formations on the surface of the Planet Mars. Most of these will be geological in origin, but some may not be.  The fact is, that if just ONE of these often geometrical and mechanical-looking anomalies on Mars can be proven to be ARTIFICIAL - an artefact that perhaps originated from an ancient Martian culture -  then our world changes forever.

 It therefore remains a confounding mystery as to why, given the enormous significance and implications of such a discovery - a revelation which would result in a massive shift in knowledge in terms

The Face on Mars
MIA001 (2.5 km)
The D & M Pyramid
MIA002 (3 km)
The Fort
MIA003 (2.8 km)
The Hexagon
MIA004 (2.5 km)
The Five
MIA005 (1.2 km)
The H
MIA006 (2.5 km)
Three Mounds
MIA007 (20-25 m each mound)
Rectangular Feature
MIA008 (1.7 km)
Tubular Features
MIA009 (1.5 km)
Geometric Features
MIA010 (300 m)
Disc-Shaped Feature
MIA011 (150 m)
Tool Wrench
MIA012 (20 cm)
Tool Wrench: Nearby Objects
MIA013 (5-30 cm)
Junkyard Artefact
MIA014 (5 cm)
Pipe / Life Form
MIA015 (1 m)
Gear Wheel
MIA016 (10 cm)
Box or Casing
MIA017 (13 cm)
Tail Fin
MIA018 (7 cm)
Landing Debris
MIA019 (10 cm)
Martian Cairn
MIA020 (1 m)
Trail Left by the Rover
MIA021 (25 m)
Vertical Feature
MIA022 (30 cm)
Dome Feature
MIA023 (1-2 m)
Ruins of a Settlement #1
MIA024 (1 km)
Tetrahedral Feature
MIA025 (250 m)
Phobos Structure
MIA026 (9 km)
Wheel Hub
MIA027 (20-25 cm)
Tiny Turbine
MIA028 (5 cm)
Small Pyramidal Object
MIA029 (10 cm)
C-Shaped Object
MIA030 (5 cm)
Door Bolt
MIA031 (5 cm)
Wheels and Axle
MIA032 (15 cm)
MIA033 (7 cm)
Masonry Carving
MIA034 (25 cm)
Beam Clamp Strut
MIA035 (5 cm)
Mechanical Fitting
MIA036 (7 cm)
Stancheon Base Plate
MIA037 (40 cm)
Crank Handle Device
MIA038 (15 cm)
Building Foundation
MIA039 (6-7 m)
Phobos Monolith
MIA040 (76 m high)
Ruins of a Settlement #2
MIA041 (80 m)
Polygonal Features
MIA042 (5 km)
Rusted Rebar
MIA043 (10-20 cm)
Keyhole-Shaped Feature
MIA044 (2.5 km)
Crater Pyramid
MIA045 (1 km)
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