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Erich von Däniken: "There was Definitely a Civilization on Mars."

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Erich von Däniken, the most famous proponent of the Ancient Astronaut theory and renowned author of over 40 books, states that a civilization once existed on the Planet Mars, recently sharing this view with M. J. Craig, author of the book "Secret Mars".

Von Däniken revealed:

"Your MARS book is great and I'm fully on your side. There was definitely a civilization on Mars. Not millions of years ago - only 15,000 to 20,000 years in the past."

With TWO missions due to land on Mars next year in 2021, NASA and the ESA(European Space Agency) have no plans to investigate ancient civilizations on the Red Planet - just microbes and fossils ... and this lack of imagination has caused frustration and raised suspicion amongst researchers. For over the years, independent researchers have seen many strange objects and structures on the official images sent back from Mars, which often appear to show mechanical and geometric features, suggesting the possibility that archaeological remains from a Martian civilization might exist on the planet's surface[1]. However, NASA mission scientists routinely dismiss these objects as either geological in origin, optical illusions, or human fantasy.

NASA was recently forced to go on record to dismiss the possibility that a civilization could ever have existed on Mars [2] when U.S. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher asked Dr Kenneth Farley, NASA Project Scientist for the Mars 2020 rover mission, that very question. When the scientist was pressed to rule out the possibility entirely, he replied, "I would say that is extremely unlikely" and that "There is no evidence that I'm aware of."

But are they missing something?

Without doubt, the Mars rovers and orbiters could become virtual archaeologists if they were to use their cameras and instruments to investigate unusual objects and surface features for archaeological remains. But will they ever be deployed in this way?

The discovery of an ancient civilization on Mars would cause a profound revolution in our understanding of human origins, raising the fascinating possibility that people on Earth and Mars may have had contact in the ancient past. A prospect that would very likely shatter long-held religious beliefs as to the origin of humanity, as well as disrupt the accepted scientific theory of evolution. Could this be the real reason why these strange objects on Mars are avoided?

No doubt time will reveal all in due course.

M J Craig


2. Video of Congressman D. Rohrabacher & Dr Kenneth Farley: NASA Asked 'Was There a Civilization on Mars?'

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