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'Life on Mars Discovery' Newsletter, May 2021 by M. J. Craig

Updated: May 13

'Life on Mars Discovery' is a New Monthly Newsletter written by M. J. Craig, author of "Secret Mars" and soon to be published "Memories of Mars" (Mid-June 2021). The latest issue, May 2021, is available by subscription at Patreon.

In the MAY issue:

  • Do Little Humanoid Beings Live on Mars? Part 1: The Claims of Andrew Basiago

  • New Mars Archaeology Reports:

- #MIA48 "Serrated Mechanism"

- #EXP001 "The Jug"

  • New Book: "Memories of Mars" An excerpt from the book reveals General Stubblebine, who headed Project Stargate, make a stunning comment to an audience about the existence of machinery on Mars.

WARNING: This Newsletter supports the hypothesis that a civilization may have existed on the Planet Mars in the ancient past.

Available by subscription - $6 / £4 per month

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