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LIFE ON MARS DISCOVERY PROJECT - Newsletter, April 2021 by M. J. Craig

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

'The Life on Mars Discovery Project' is the Newsletter written by M. J. Craig, author of "Secret Mars" and soon to be published "Memories of Mars" (late Spring). Download the 1st issue here for FREE...

Download PDF • 3.45MB

In the first issue, April 2021:

  • Perseverance: Will Nasa Discover Life on Mars With their New Rover?

  • How I Build the Mars Archaeology Archive

  • New Mars Archaeology Reports:

- #46 "Container with Handle"

- #47 "Hollowed Building Block"

  • New Book: "Memories of Mars" - Remote viewer Ingo Swann describes an ancient structure he sensed on Mars.

WARNING: This Newsletter supports the hypothesis that a civilization may have existed on the Planet Mars in the ancient past.

Download PDF • 3.45MB

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