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Erich von Däniken - Author of "Chariots of the Gods"

"Your MARS book is great and I am fully on your side. There was definitely a civilization on Mars. Not millions of years ago - only 15,000 to 20,000 years in the past."



Nexus Magazine Review

  "NASA seems intent on avoiding the search for life on Mars - otherwise why wouldn't it send rovers to locations where water is suspected to be present, rather than to places where water used to be?

  So asks Wiltshire-based researcher M. J. Craig in Secret Mars. He taps into scientific findings but poses questions which most scientists won't or can't.

Craig presents numerous NASA and ESA images, along with their URL sources, which other researchers have zoomed in on to find anomalies. The images show the presence of liquid water including lakes, possible signs of life and perhaps evidence for the past existence of advanced civilization - either before or perhaps after major catastrophes which caused the "death" of the Red Planet.
  Photographs taken from various Mars rovers reveal an array of artefacts, such as a square metal box, a gear-box mechanism, a spanner-like object, a broken plate and fossil-like forms. Satellite imagery shows unnatural geometries and what could be the ruins of artificial structures. Craig also compares 1976 Viking images with more recent, higher-resolution imagery of the so-called "Face on Mars" and other anomalous structures in the Cydonia region.
  Some power higher than our space agencies doesn't want us to know the truth. It's time for the cover-up to end, Craig believes, because humanity has a right to know our place in "the scheme of life".


-- Nexus Magazine, Australia --



Fortean Times Magazine Review

 "As one online reviewer of this book notes, there is now so much information relevant to the topic of evidence of intelligent life on Mars that it is difficult to know where to start. Craig’s fascinating survey of images from the Red Planet is intended to be a necessary briefing for that layperson.
  It is well written and full of thoughtful analyses of over 100 fascinating photos of what appear to be regular structures ranging from gears and cubes up to city-sized ruins. The big omission here is any elimination of the possibility the objects may be imaging and processing artefacts. But, he asks, “If these objects are artificial, how did they get there?” If they aren’t the remains of a native civilisation, are they evidence of extra-solar alien visitors?
  Reasonable questions with no answer. The view might be different, Craig argues, if NASA lifted its sight from microbes in the dust to the larger objects littering the landscape.
  It wouldn’t be a Mars book without conspiracy theories and Craig asks some interesting questions about perceived lies, secrecy and cover-ups. Even if you don’t agree with him, the enigmatic images remain fascinating. We are on the verge of several manned missions to Mars; can we hope that these issues will be definitively answered?"

-- Fortean Times, United Kingdom --


GoodReads Review

"Here is the perfect book if you're tired of all the sensationalist, apocryphal internet stories concerning NASA's various missions to Mars - or the stories that maybe aren't sensationalist and apocryphal ENOUGH.

  Mr Craig adopts an extremely readable style as he takes you through the stubborn - some might say conspiracy-laden - choices that NASA has taken in exploring the Red Planet, in places citing decades-long scholarly research, in other places falling back on the position of wide-eyed layman.

  Special mention should go to the lavish illustrations (complete with web-links, so you can delve all the deeper) - and if any of the photographs of the 'artificial' objects seem too good to be true, rest assured they're thoroughly deconstructed.

  Perhaps most impressively about this book, Mars is once again conjured as an exciting, romantic frontier; on reading it, you just want to speed down to the pub and start a huge debate. In short, fascinating."

- Mr J, (Review from Goodreads.com)