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University Astronomer says: "We Should Look for Signs of Ancient Civilization on Mars"!

"If a prior technological, perhaps space-faring, species ever arose in the Solar System, it might have produced artifacts or other techno-signatures that have survived to the present day ... there may be technological artifacts to be found throughout the Solar system."

So writes Jason T. Wright, assistant professor of astronomy and astrophysics at Penn State University, in his new paper “Prior Indigenous Technological Species”

Dr. Wright even suggested how we might find these artifacts:

"Imagery and subsurface radar used to study the geology of planetary surfaces might reveal traces of buried structures or other artifacts."

Indeed, yes – something independent Mars researchers have been calling out for to the deaf ears of science, for years now in countless books, videos, lectures, websites and FB groups . While Dr. Wright says there is no ‘peer reviewed’ evidence for such artifacts, I wonder if he has actually taken a peak at the many images of potential artifacts and structures on Mars, the Moon and elsewhere that have been found by Mars researchers and enthusiasts. He considers the planet Mars to be a good prospect:

"Ancient Mars likely had liquid surface water and may have been is thus also perhaps the most likely host for a prior indigenous technological species."

Is mainstream science about to start a serious search for evidence of a civilization on Mars? Is NASA about to change their tune?

M J Craig

#mars #ancientcivilization #NASA #aliens

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