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  • J. P. Skipper

J. P. Skipper


The Work of J.P. Skipper

​Author and researcher, Joseph Patrick Skipper, sadly died on January 9, 2018. He was prominent from 2000 until 2014, in examining strange anomalies on Mars images discovered by both himself and those brought to his attention by other Mars enthusiasts.

   He was well known for his very detailed examinations of strange objects on official space agency pictures, and contributed greatly to help awaken the public's interest in this subject. His very popular has not been updated since 2014, but is still running (owner unknown) and still retains all of his previous research as far as we can tell. His printed book "Hidden Truth: Water and Life on Mars" has since become out-of-print.

   Although some of his observations of the Mars Global Surveyor images have since been reasonably challenged and in some cases disproven by the superior HiRISE imagery, there still remains a core of mysterious discoveries presented by Skipper that may yet reveal a much more 'alive' Mars than is presently accepted by science, and for which he may one day be recognized.

   Thank you, J. P. Skipper for your work and dedication to help enlighten the planet. Be at peace.

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