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About the Author: M. J. Craig


M. J. Craig is a writer, researcher and composer living in Wiltshire, England.

He works to help build a more enlightened civilization on our planet.

Books Published:

2013  -  SECRET MARS: The Alien Connection (1st Edition, Out-of-Print)

2017  -  SECRET MARS: The Alien Connection (2nd Edition, Revised & Expanded)

2017  -  GEHEIMER MARS: Die Außerirdische Verbindung German translation of Secret Mars: The Alien Connection - Rev. & Expanded Edition

2018  -  SECRET MARS: Just the Pictures!  A 60-page Kindle e-book and introductory edition to Secret Mars: The Alien Connection

Books Due:

2024 -  MEMORIES OF MARS: A Psychic Record of Martian History

Documentary Films:

2024 -  BLUE PLANET RED A groundbreaking film on the history, evidence for life, and catastrophes that contributed to the death of Mars - directed by Brian Cory Dobbs, produced by M. J. Craig

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Author FAQ

Q: Why did you write the book "Secret Mars"

M J C: I believe the pictures of artificial-looking objects discovered on NASA images from Mars, is strong evidence that an intelligent species once existed on that planet. I believe NASA and the U.S. government must be aware of this evidence, which can only mean that they have decided to keep it a secret for now. I believe this knowledge belongs in the hands of the whole human race so that we can collectively consider the profound implications. The purpose of this book therefore, is to persuade the people responsible for maintaining this secrecy, to come clean and share this discovery with the world.

Q: Why do you think they would want to keep such a fantastic discovery a secret? Is this not why NASA have a space exploration programme in the first place, to make world-changing discoveries such as this?

M J C: You would think so. But I believe the question and existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life, has become a deeply complex matter that is troubling the authorities. For example, the official denial of the mass of evidence and testimony, that virtually proves alien civilizations have been visiting and monitoring the Earth for decades, shows that it is a highly sensitive and classified subject. As to why, well I believe the rabbit hole goes very deep and involves issues concerning the control and dominion over world society, energy, economics and religion. It could be that some world players and institutions fear they have a lot to lose if evidence of aliens turns up and perhaps, for example, they start showing the world how we can live on free energy without the need for expensive fossil fuels any more. I mean, that would freak the oil companies and their investors out for a start.

Q: So you think NASA have their hands tied, that they are not allowed to talk about this stuff?

M J C: Yes, that's exactly right. I see no other rational explanation for their complete silence on this matter. The Apollo astronauts were all bound by secrecy oaths, and now on Mars, those perpetuating the secrecy, are perfectly happy for NASA to be spending billions of dollars just to study rocks and evidence of possible microbes. It's a useful smokescreen for them. I believe they are hiding behind a legitimized planetary science programme - science that only talks about climate, geology, atmosphere and microorganisms. They won't entertain the science of archaeology for example, which given the evidence in these pictures that appear to show objects of artificial origin, would suggest that archaeology should in fact be the number one science priority. But they don’t want us to be discussing Martian civilizations just yet.

Q: Who do you believe is responsible for keeping all of this a secret?
M J C: Who knows. These matters are obviously discussed far away from the public eye amongst those who believe they have a stake in where the world is going. Amongst that crowd one would presume there will be the self-styled elite; the mega rich families and owners of corporate dinosaurs, those of that ilk. I really don’t care who they are. All I want is for them to wake up, let go of their morbid control and show some humanity.

Q: What about the scientists, who must surely have seen all these pictures and wondered about them?
M J C: That's absolutely right. We have to ask why didn't they turn the Mars Rovers around to go and look more closely at some of these objects? The fact is they didn't, or they were told not to. Maybe some of them just don't want to know either.

Q: Why don't you give more interviews to publicize this subject?

M J C: There are plenty of people already doing that, and personally I'm doing as much as I feel is necessary. Furthermore, this project is a kind of stealth mission that is here to present the strongest evidence, to put it on a plate so to speak. I believe that people who need to know about this information will find it.


The only important thing here are the pictures - that's all that matters. Either this is evidence of intelligent life having existed on Mars, or it isn't. Either way, it needs to be examined properly and the results clearly explained. All people have to do is to look at the pictures and decide for themselves if they want to take it further. To my mind it’s obvious, and I've offered my conclusions in the book. But of course I may be wrong. I don't feel the need to preach a case to the public, or blaze a path to NASA's door about this. I believe that common sense and reason should prevail in this matter and nothing else, and I'm curious to see if it will. It's a kind of experiment in a way.

Q: Why do you have such a deep interest in Mars?

M J C: I guess there is some elusive stirring in my blood about this planet. A profound mystery that will not rest until all is revealed, whatever that may be. Some years ago when I first came across the research done by Hoagland and others on the ‘Face on Mars’ and the anomalies in Cydonia, I was deeply troubled by the lack of interest and vision shown by the official highly funded government bodies like NASA to investigate the matter properly. After all, we were looking at potential proof that humanity was not alone in the universe and that our close planetary neighbour was once inhabited by intelligent beings—what would be a rather fantastic discovery for the whole of humanity. So why the timidity?

Clearly there was a fundamental problem here with this subject and a problem I began to see as symbolic and reflective of the way our planet was heading—secretive and suppressive government and institutions that appeared to be serving some other agenda than the enlightenment of the human race. I therefore felt I should draw attention to and track the development and progress of this saga on Mars until openness, integrity and honesty returned to those individuals who were in positions of responsibility. I remain optimistic that this story will not run for eternity.

Q: Do you have any future projects planned?

M J C: I would like to see a film documentary version of Secret Mars produced - so that's an open invitation for someone! Building the Mars Archaeology Archive will continue, as I consider this project to be my ongoing effort to increase credibility for this subject  There's another aspect to Mars that I’m also researching at the mome
nt the result of which will culminate in another book in 2024.


For the future, I have projects lined up that will offer my perspective as to why I believe there is a serious failing with science. Especially in its ability to investigate the really profound subjects that concern humanity. "Secret Mars" highlights one of those subjects. There are quite a few more.

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