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  • MIA047: Hollowed Building Block

MIA047: Hollowed Building Block

004 FIG 47.3.jpg



Mars Report Ref: MIA047

Report date: March 2021

Research Status: Open - Possible artefact

Description: Hollowed Building Block
Approximate size: 15-20 cm

Mission: Curiosity Rover
Location: Gale Crater

Identified by: Rami Bar Ilan

Image date: Sol 1448 Sep 2016
Image credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

Graphics/image editing: M. J. Craig

NASA Image sources:

All images for Sol 526:


This object is fairly close to the rover and therefore due to the clarity of the image, the rectilinear shape is quite unambiguous, at least from the angle we can see.


1. Displays some symmetry consistent with a possibly carved or manufactured object.

2. Has two elements possibly indicating an artificial origin a) A 'stepped' character to the left, and b) Two parallel, possibly hollowed, sections.


A random rock that has some resemblance to a honed building block, but which appears so only because of the angle of imaging.​

MIA047.1 Hollowed Building Block: Distance 2-3 metres, approx. size 15-20 cm.

004 FIG 47.1.jpg
004 FIG 47.2.jpg

MIA047.2 Hollowed Building Block: Near View, from 1-2 metres

004 FIG 47.3.jpg

MIA047.3 Hollowed Building Block: Close-Up view

004 FIG 47.5.jpg

MIA047.4 Hollowed Building Block: sequence of three images taken by the Curiosity Rover on Sol 1448. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

004 FIG 47.4.jpg

MIA047.5 Hollowed Building Block: Earth analogy

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