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  • New Book Due 2023

New Book Due: 2024



A Psychic Record of Martian History

by M. J. Craig

Evidence of Intelligent Life & Civilization on the Planet Mars

Revealed by Remote Viewing, Past Lives & Secret Space Missions


In M. J. Craig's first book Secret Mars, the author presented evidence to support the hypothesis that the Planet Mars used to be inhabited by an intelligent civilization. He did this by examining numerous space agency images to show that possible ancient archaeological remains still exist on the Martian surface.

In his new book Memories of Mars, the author draws on deep human perception sources such as Remote Viewing and Hypnotic Regression to reveal possible details of civilizations that may have lived on Mars; the Martian people and what became of them; and the fascinating possibility that Mars may yet still be inhabited by their ancestors, or that they even came to Earth.

BOOK DELAYED UNTIL EARLY 2024! Publishing of this book has endured several delays, the latest of which was due to the author working on a Mars documentary film for the best part of 2023.

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