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  • MIA002: The D&M Pyramid


MIA02: The D & M Pyramid



Mars Report Ref: MIA002

Report Date: July-August 2017

Research Status: Open - Possible building/monument

Description: The D&M Pyramid
Approximate size:  3 km

Mission images/dates: Viking Orbiter 1976, MGS 2001, Mars Express 2006
Location: Cydonia Mensae

Found by: Vince DiPietro and Greg Molenaar

Image credits: (See image captions)

Graphics/image editing: M. J. Craig

Image sources: See image captions. Also, further detailed images are available as a Gigapan by Keith Laney at and from the HiRISE catalogue page, where a stereo image can also be viewed.


Like every other unusual formation on Mars, this stunning feature too may have been caused by erosion. But this formation, perhaps more than most, should also provoke the question "What would a constructed monument look like after 100,000 years or more of erosion?" We must ask how many layers of dust, sediment and ice would have changed and distorted its original shape? What effect would giant tsunami's and meteoric bombardment from a planetary catastrophe have had on its structural integrity?


It has a unique five-sided, symmetrical shape. The explicit geometrical form strongly suggests intelligent design.


A remnant massif formed by geological erosion.

MIA002.3 D&M Pyramid - Viking 1976

Image credits: NASA/JPL; digital enhancement by Mark J. Carlotto

Original image source:

Enhancement image source:

MIA002.1 D&M Pyramid - Mars Express 2006 (colour) & MGS/THEMIS 2003 (b/w)
Image credits: (top & lower right) ESA/DLR/FU Berlin (G Neukum) CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO; (lower left) NASA/JPL/MSSS
Image sources: (Mars Express, top & lower right)
(MGS/THEMIS, lower left)

MIA002.3 D&M Pyramid - Geometric perspective - MGS/THEMIS 2001/2003

Image credit: NASA/JPL/MSSS

Image source:

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