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  • MIA023: Dome Feature


MIA023.2 Dome Feature - Sol 4073

Image credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell

Image source:

MIA023: Dome Feature



Mars Report Ref: MIA023

Report date: July-August 2017

Research Status: Open - Possible monument/artefact

Description: Dome Feature
Approximate size:  1 - 2 m

Mission: Opportunity Rover
Location: Rim of Endeavour Crater, near entrance of 'Marathon Valley'

Found by: David Gannett, Thomas M. S. Jensen

Image date: Sol 4073,  July 2015
Image credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell

Graphics/image editing/GIF sequence: M. J. Craig

Image source:


In July 2015, this feature attracted wide media interest due to what appeared to be its remarkable 'dome' shape. Much less reported was the fact that in 2016, the Opportunity Rover got closer to it and took more pictures from a different angle. The dome shape disappears, but a rounded, curved form remains. Is it just a collection of rocks, or something else? Given its strange shape, it's perhaps odd that a decision was not made to get an even closer look at it.


Distinct semi-circular shape. Several other similar sized objects appear somewhat evenly spaced out in the vicinity, which might suggest deliberate placement such as with rock cairns.

Common explanation

A large boulder sitting amongst a pile of smaller rocks.

MIA023.3 Dome Feature: Close-up - Sol 4385

True colour version produced by Holger Isenberg

Image credit: Holger Isenberg

Image source:

MIA023.4 Dome Feature: From a distance - Sol 4385 - true colour version produced by Holger Isenberg

Image credit: Holger Isenberg

MIA023.5 Curved Feature: Moving sequence revealing structural perspective.

GIF sequence: M. J. Craig


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