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  • MIA046:  Container with Handle

MIA046: Container with Handle




Mars Report Ref: MIA046

Report date: March 2021

Research Status: Open - Possible artefact

Description: Container with Handle
Approximate size: 30-40 cm

Mission: Curiosity Rover
Location: Gale Crater

Identified by: Martine Grainey

Image date: Sol 526 Jan 2014
Image credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

Graphics/image editing: M. J. Craig

NASA Image sources:

All images for Sol 526:


This object clearly stands out amongst the surrounding regular terrain of sand, small rocks and stones, due to its highly irregular vertical character. At this distance from the Curiosity Rover, maybe about 5-6 metres, there is not quite enough resolution in the image to be sure of the details, as degradation of the image begins to show after zooming in. However, the fall of shadows on the object plus the linear and parallel nature of it, display a very unnatural-looking object indeed.  


1. Displays symmetry and curvature consistent with a possibly cylindrical artefact.

2. Appears to have a handle at the top, displaying fairly distinct, parallel extensions as we would expect to see from a conventional handle.

3. A cylinder shape for the object is also suggested, which again runs more or less parallel from top to bottom, as would be expected. At the foot of the object, there is a triangular patch too, that is darker than the rest, which may suggest an opening.

4. At this junction there is also a suggestion that perhaps a "pipe" connects to the container, as we can see a straight line of material extending towards it. However, it may only be a patch of sand.

5. It is very near the "Dingo Gap" area, where several other potential artefacts have been identified.


Several rocks laying close to each other that give the impression of one solid object. For example, the "handle" may simply be an illusion created by the line of rocks and stones behind it.​

MIA046.1 Container with Handle: Distant View - 5-6 metres, approx. size 30-40 cm.


MIA046.2 Container with Handle: Near View - from 3-4 metres away.


MIA046.3 Container with Handle: Close-up A - from 1-2 metres away.


MIA046.4 Container with Handle: Close-up View B - from 2 metres approx (enhanced).


MIA046.5 Container with Handle - Earth analogies.

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