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A 600-Metre Tall Pyramid Structure...on MARS!

The Crater Pyramid on Mars is located in Deuteronilius Mensae, about 750 kilometres (470 miles) north-east of the Cydonia region - and it is the tallest object within a 100 kilometres radius (60 miles), standing some 600 metres high (2,000 feet) and a kilometre across.

Strangely, it sits perched on the edge of an impact crater, where one would expect it to have been obliterated by the meteorite impact a very long time ago. This gives rise to the strong likelihood that it came into being AFTER the crater was formed.

But how? Is this massive object simply a small, isolated mountain sitting in the middle of nowhere? Or, could it be an artificial structure built by some ancient race that lived on Mars? Certainly there is the indication of four sides, eroded and worn, maybe pyramid shaped.

Discovered by: Dr John E Brandenburg

Image credit: NASA/JPL/ASU

Original image source: Mars Odyssey THEMIS: V12120005 (2006)

Full report at the Mars Archaeology Archive:

Mars Archaeology Archive Ref: MAA-045


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