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  • Do Little Humanoid Beings Live on Mars?

Part 1: The Claims of Andrew Basiago

  • New Mars Archaeology Reports:

"Serrated Mechanism" & "The Jug"









  • New Book: "Memories of Mars" An excerpt from the book quotes General Stubblebine making a stunning comment to an audience, about the existence of machinery on Mars.

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WARNING: This Newsletter supports the hypothesis that a civilization may have existed on the Planet Mars in the ancient past.



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be the science priority on MARS?


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- Discovery Project - Newsletter

by M. J. Craig



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Why is no ARCHAEOLOGY being done on MARS?


There are many strange and mysterious objects and formations on the surface of the Planet Mars. Most of these will be geological in origin, but some may not be.  The fact is, that if just ONE of these often geometrical and mechanical-looking anomalies on Mars can be proven to be ARTIFICIAL - an artefact that perhaps originated from an ancient Martian culture -  then our world changes forever.

 It therefore remains a confounding mystery as to why, given the enormous significance and implications of such a discovery - a revelation which would result in a massive shift in knowledge in terms of both understanding our own human origins, and the extent of intelligent life throughout the cosmos - our national space agencies here on Planet Earth, expend absolutely ZERO scientific resources into exploring the possibility that the Planet Mars may once have been host  to a civilization.

The Mars rovers could become field archaeologists and examine the many artificial-looking objects on its path. The Mars orbiters could also study the larger more geometrical structures in much more detail.

All that's required is a decision to do it. And some courage.

M. J. Craig - Author of "Secret Mars"


Background image:

Perseverance Rover, Jezero Crater, Sol 3, February 2021

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/MSSS