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  • Mars Documentaries

Mars Documentaries, Interviews, News

  • The Planet Mars: Alternative Research, Scientific Anomalies

Congressman asks NASA about

a Civilization on Mars

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher asks a NASA science panel if a civilization could have existed on Mars. Dr. Farley replies, with a humorous look "there's no evidence that I'm aware of " and, "extremely unlikely."

Dr. Gilbert Levin: Lead team Member of the Viking LR in 1976

Explains that life on Mars was discovered 40 years ago with his experiments and that NASA have refused to send any more spacecraft since that can detect life.

Richard C. Hoagland: Stealth Mission Curiosity

Richard Hoagland explains the reasons why he believes "Curiosity" is a secret mission, sent to learn more about an ancient intelligent civilization that used to exist on the Planet Mars.

Professor Richard Hoover:

Did NASA Destroy a Martian Fossil?

Former NASA Scientist Richard Hoover discusses a possible fossil that was obliterated by the Opportunity Rover abrasion tool on Mars, in 2004.

Mars: Making the New Earth

A very informative and interesting documentary featuring astrobiologist Chris Murray, that explores how Mars could be terraformed to create a world humans could inhabit.

Richard C. Hoagland: The U.N. Briefing

Hoagland gave this presentation to the United Nations in 1992 and to this day it remains a landmark and important source of research about ancient extraterrestrial artefacts discovered on Mars and the Earth, NASA secrecy, and the profound implications.

  • UFOs: Secrecy & Cover-Up, Extraterrestrial Intelligence

  • Dr. Steven Greer: How the Secret Government Works

Learn how and why a secret corporate/banking/military cabal has been able to run our world for over 60 years and managed to keep control over extraterrestrial matters and UFOs.

  • Sirius Disclosure: A Documentary by Dr Steven M Greer

In this film, Steven Greer affirms that E.T. civilizations are visiting the Earth using advanced propulsion systems, and argues that these have also been developed by humans, but kept secret by those in power.

  • The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure April 2013

Former members of the US Congress hear testimony from UFO researchers and witnesses to uncover the truth about UFOs and the worldwide veil of secrecy.

  • The Disclosure Project: 2001 National Press Club Presentation

Presented by Dr Steven Greer, 20 military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses come forward to establish the reality of UFOs and an extraterrestrial presence engaging human civilization, confirming government secrecy on the matter.

  • Out of the Blue: UFOs

One of the best documentary films ever made about UFOs, the films producers travelled around the world to investigate some of the most famous UFO events on record, to include interviews with high-ranking military and government personnel.

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