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NEW 2017 Edition of 'Secret Mars' Presents Powerful Evidence That an Ancient Civilization On

The New 2017 edition of SECRET MARS: THE ALIEN CONNECTION by author M J Craig [CLICK the book image for a FREE look], has been released with astounding pictures from the Curiosity Rover in Gale Crater . Some of these images show incredible geometrically-shaped objects, cut with machined precision, suggesting they can only be artificial.

These NASA pictures strengthen considerably the hypothesis that a civilization once existed on Mars, and that NASA rovers are exploring sites where Martian people used to live. Along with new pictures of what could potentially be fossils and skeletal remains of present-day Martian life-forms, SECRET MARS reveals that the Planet Mars is a far more wondrous and mysterious cosmic body than NASA has so far revealed to us.

Are NASA scientists aware of these artificial objects?

Of course they are, which begs the question: "Why is this knowledge being kept secret?"

SECRET MARS deals with this question in the final chapter "The "Alien Connection" - revealing the secret effort being made by military, government, intelligence, corporate and clandestine agencies, to control public knowledge of extraterrestrial life . . . INTELLIGENT alien life. It seems someone doesn't want you and I to know that there are other civilizations out there in space, whether they are very ancient, or alive and well . . .

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