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Should 'Exoarchaeology' be the NASA Science Priority for Mars?

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

THE SECRET MARS EXOARCHAEOLOGY ARCHIVE supports the hypothesis that a civilization once inhabited the planet Mars, and is now building a case file of the best image evidence to prove it. For many years, researchers have been claiming that evidence of an ancient civilization exists on Mars - evidence that can be seen in the very images beamed back from the Red Planet by NASA's own Mars landers and orbiters. These potential world-changing discoveries have either been ignored or ridiculed by NASA and the mainstream science community. But are the scientists right? Just how real is this evidence? Can technological debris and ruins of buildings truly be seen in NASA pictures from Mars, as has been claimed? Or is it just mistaken geology and tricks of light and shadow, as NASA planetary scientists consistently state? Well, the SECRET MARS EXOARCHAEOLOGY ARCHIVE exists to put this evidence in the spotlight - to analyse the controversial images openly and honestly. Why? Because if an intelligent species really did inhabit Mars a long time ago, then this revelation would have huge consequences for humanity and possibly involve a major rewrite of our understanding of life in the universe and indeed perhaps of our very own origins. It is a subject of massive and profound importance. And if science has been ignoring valid and vital evidence, then we need to know why and have those priorities quickly changed. Therefore, the question being raised is this: "Should MARS EXOARCHAEOLOGY be the science priority for NASA and the world space agencies?" Should the Mars orbiting spacecraft be targetting areas and taking pictures where ancient towns or settlements may have existed, rather than sand dunes? And the rovers, to closely examine strange-looking objects, instead of various rock types and minerals? To which the answer can only be: "Only if there is enough evidence to justify it." That evidence is now being assembled at THE SECRET MARS EXOARCHAEOLOGY ARCHIVE

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