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Geometrical Features on Mars, in 'Atlantis Chaos'

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Several geometric features have been found on the Planet Mars, all grouped together within a 4-mile radius [1]. Although geometrical, geological shapes are not uncommon on Mars, finding potentially nine of them grouped together and with distinctly triangular, cuboid shapes, may be significant.

Fig.1 Geometrical Features on Mars, in 'Atlantis Chaos' (Credit: Mars Archaeology Archive)

Fig.1 Geometrical Features on Mars, in 'Atlantis Chaos' (Credit: Mars Archaeology Archive)

Considering too their similarities in relative character and size, have the ancient ruins of an unknown Martian civilization been discovered? Research into this region on Mars began, when Javed Raza found what appeared to be the remnants of buildings and walls in one location [2]. Although subsequent analysis now leans towards a geological explanation for that particular site, researcher George J. Haas of the Cydonia Institute explored the NASA HiRISE image [3] further and found a stunning triangular formation [4] Fig.2, along with an arrow-head shaped feature.

Fig.2 Triangular feature in Atlantis Chaos, Mars compared with Riverside Center in Queensland, Australia (Credit: G. H. Haas)

Several more features appear further to the south that also display polygonal shapes. Most of these are delineated by reasonably detectable edges, some less so. Although a geological explanation remains more likely, the Red Planet may yet prove to reveal a much more fascinating and mysterious past than we have been led to believe is possible.

Fig.2 Triangular feature in Atlantis Chaos, Mars (Credit: NSA/JPL/UA Refs:

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