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NASA Exoarchaeology: Powerful Evidence of an Ancient Relic on Mars?

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

What is the strongest kind of evidence we can present to the world community, that an ancient civilization used to exist on the planet Mars? I believe this object found by Larry Roy is a good example of what constitutes a 'Class A Category' discovery of a potential artificial object: 1. The image has not been over-stretched or excessively processed. 2. It is not blurred. 3. It has details suggesting a mechanical origin. Of course we can never rule out a geological explanation as bizarre formations will always exist in nature. But in this case we have several factors that indicate a possible artificial origin, and I believe it really sets the standard of evidence required if we want to present a serious casefile to the public. But it is very difficult to find such convincing objects on Mars, and we are very lucky that so many people are making a real effort to analyse the NASA images to find them. But with that search also comes a responsibility. We are trying to educate the public to a new reality. So what evidence we show them, needs to be convincing, otherwise this investigation will invite ridicule. Therefore, before a new discovery is announced, we should remind ourselves: “Am I really adding to the file of 'Serious Evidence'? Or do I risk devaluing it?” M J Craig Original NASA image:

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