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The Real Truth About UFOs and Extraterrestrial Visitors

How Humanity Has Been Set Back 100 Years by the Suppression of Knowledge & Technology

Steven Greer's new film "Unacknowledged" is now on NETFLIX and will reach a worldwide audience. This is a major opportunity to inform the people of this world about a matter of great importance and significance.

If you want to understand the truth about UFOs and intelligent extraterrestrial life visiting the Earth, and why our governments, media and science continues to ridicule the subject, then you will find the real answers here. For those who are not open to changing their worldview, best avoid watching it.

This milestone, crucial documentary, confirms the following:

1. UFOs, both extraterrestrial and manmade, exist.

2. A secret Military/Industrial/Intelligence complex controls UFO matters. This clandestine group operates outside of government supervision and is virtually a law unto themselves.

3. This secret group have knowledge of other civilizations visiting the Earth. They also control great advances made in technology and energy propulsion learnt from UFOs.

4. These secrets have deliberately been kept from the public through manipulation of the media, the movie industry and science, to discredit and ridicule talk of UFOs, aliens and the existence of intelligent, peaceful, extraterrestrial beings.

5. These events have set back the progress of humanity for at least a 100 years.

6. Governments and political leaders do not have the courage to change anything or challenge those who have control of this information and technology.

7. The only thing that will change the world and set us back on course, is if the people of the world get themselves organised and demand their governments disclose the truth - and to imprison the rogue organizations and secret groups, who have tried to steal our future and our chance to become an advanced and civilized society.

Inform yourself and become aware. Be the change our world needs now.

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